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Welcome to our collection of recipes--both Singaporean and international--that we've acquired, come across, experimented upon. Your suggestions are more than welcome!


Chawanmushi Improvised


- Eggs x 3 (Large US-size; if small, use 4)
- Chicken stock 1/2 cup (supposed to be dashi stock)
- Salt 1/4-1/3 tsp
- Sugar 1 tsp
- Soysauce 1 tbsp
- Sake 1 tsp

- Chicken thigh x 1, cut the meat into small pieces
- Shiitake mushrooms x 4-5, sliced thinly
- Crap flavored pollock 2 oz (i.e., imitation crab; supposed to be kamaboko), sliced thinly

- Spring Onions, chopped (supposed to be mitzuba and yuzu)

Divide the chicken, crab flavored pollock and shitake mushroom between 3-4 bowls (first picture). Beat eggs--carefully, without making bubbles. Mix in stock, soysauce, salt, sake and sugar. Strain the egg mixture (second picture; note: here will be some thick egg white left, don't use it). Divide the egg mixture between the bowls (third picture). Place some spring onion on top of each bowl. Cover them (e.g., with foil). Steam on high heat (place it in the steamer after the water starts boiling; fourth picture) for about 5 min, then continue on reduced heat for another 15-20 min (depends, have to experiment). Serve (last picture; I used parsley for that round; not really a great idea).

First attempt: June 4, for supper