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Rosario's "C" Pork Chops

We've named this food Rosario's "C" Pork Chops after our dear friend who taught this to us. "C" stands both for "convenient" and "Costco"--yes, the American supermarket chain. Rosario insists that the Costco (bone-in) pork chops are the Best. We've tried with pork chops from various other stores and honestly speaking, this recipe is not precise enough for us to guarantee tender chops every time. Much depends on the thickness of the cut. What we do guarantee is that this is a lifesaver for busy people--as convenient as it gets, and quite tasty most of the time. Experiment with it, and you might even turn up a recipe for pork chops fit for the gourmet.

What you need:
pork chops (straight from the pack--no need to trim fats, as no extra oil is used)
garlic salt
pepper (optional)
a non-stick pan with a cover

1. Sprinkle surface of the pan with garlic salt (and pepper).
2. Place chops on the pan and let it cook on low heat, covered, for about 10 minutes. Flip chops and continue to let it cook covered on low heat for 10-15 more minutes.
3. If chops are too dry and threaten to stick to the pan and get burnt, add just a little sprinkling of water to the pan--too much might result in tough chops.
4. Chops are ready when they look and smell great, and do not bleed or look pink when cut in the centre. Serve immediately.

For a quick, tasty, and nutritionally balanced meal, serve these chops with tomato wedges or a simple salad.

A picture will be provided the next time we make Rosie's "C" Pork Chops on a day neither of us feel like doing much cooking!


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