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Pickled Cucumbers and Carrots

As simple as it gets

1. Cucumbers: cut ends of cucumbers and quarter lengthwise; cut off soft centre. Cut each piece of cucumber into lengths of approximately 4cm. Half each 4cm piece lengthwise, so each cucumber piece looks like a small strip, neither too thick nor too thin.
2. Lightly salt the cucumber strips and arrange them on a wire mesh, strainer, or close equivalent so that excess liquid can drip out even as the strips air dry for several hours, until cucumbers are very dry. If sunshine is readily available, sun dry for best effect.
3. Carrots: peel, wash and cut carrots to similar size strips and air dry till very dry.
4. Place cucumber and carrot strips into a glass bottle, or bottles.
5. Pickle: Boil rice vinegar and sugar (to taste) and set aside to cool completely.
6. After vinegar has cooled completely, pour it into the glass bottle/s so that the vegetables are completely covered. Seal bottles and set aside for at least 2-3 days before eating.

Goes well with Hainanese Chicken Rice (coming soon).


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